About Me

My name is Jon Keens and Aim Country Sports is my business. I’m passionate about all sports and have been instructing professionally since 1995.  I believe that to understand and play sports helps you in all walks of life.  As a sportsperson I competed at County Level at a number of sports. As a professional tennis coach I have worked for both Kent and Sussex at Public and State Schools, Private and Commercial Clubs. During this time I’ve been part of their Tennis Talent ID Teams.  I have travelled abroad extensively for 3 years with a World Ranked Junior and have designed various club programmes.

In 2010 I followed a passion to branch out and turned two other sports into my career and qualified as a shooting and archery instructor.  In this time I have worked with beginners to make sure they are safe shots and enjoy their first experience whether it be with a bow or gun.  I also have looked at helping clients improve their percentages.  I enjoy working with a professional team to run corporate events, charity fund raisers and simulated game days.  

In all the sports that I teach, I hope to pass on my passion and enjoyment of the sport, as well as helping them improve and develop their understanding of the sport. My qualifications are LTA Level 5 License, Archery GB, APSI, CPSA Safety Officer.