Archery is thought to go back as far as 20000 BC. Archery is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. As a social and inclusive sport archery will challenge you in so many ways. It helps with discipline, understanding feel, body awareness, focus and concentration. I believe everyone can get something from Archery. Our instructors at Aim hold Archery GB qualifications.

We offer two different disciplines of Archery. Aerial Archery for those of you who want to be the next Arrow, Katniss or Legolas or Target Archer if you’re driven by perfection and like the dream of a Gold Medal at the Olympics. You can try them as an individual or in a group up to six people. During your experience with us we will cover the basics to make sure everyone has a safe, fun and successful time.

Olympic Archery is the most recognisable format of modern archery and is an Olympic Sport. It takes place both outdoors and indoors, over distances of up to 90 metres. At Aim, indoors will be up to 18m and outside 35m. Using the traditional five-colour, 10-ring target as well as other styles to help improve your skills! This style of Archery is can be very competitive, fun and addictive.

With our indoor facility weather is no problem.

Worth a look:

Who can take part? If you are strong enough to pull the string back on the bow, you’re in! I would say roughly from 10 years old.