A realistic shooting simulator using a real gun, realistic scenarios are projected onto a large screen, indoor and backed up by science.  Suitable for complete beginners to experienced shots.

Ever thought of trying shooting but slightly nervous?  Been shooting for years and don’t fully know where you are missing?

At Aim we have the perfect way to start you off with the correct technique and understanding, you’ll be using a real shotgun with a laser attached to the barrels and shooting at realistic targets projected onto a 4.5mx3m screen.

As an experienced gun, if you want a lesson you can bring your own gun along which gets aligned to you in just three shots then we’re good to go.

  • Customisable to your gun, chokes and cartridges
  • Accurate feedback

DryFire as a system started life 20 years and has been constantly improving since then.  It allows a shooter to get their technique correct before going out onto a clay ground.  However, the benefits don’t stop there for an experienced shooter as it provides accurate feedback, to the nearest fraction of an inch, about where your shot went: above, below, ahead, behind – the sort of feedback we rarely get outdoors.

At Aim we offer four options of Simulated Shooting.

1. The Experience

This is an enjoyable and fun experience, suitable for adults and 12+ year olds.  Aimed at clients who have always liked the idea of shooting but are not sure about being outside in the wind and rain or think the recoil is going to affect their enjoyment, but want to use a real shotgun with realistic targets.  More importantly this system gives you accurate feedback about where you have missed or hit the target.  This is ideal for those people who like to have fun and try new experiences. To find out prices click here.

2. The Lesson

This is for clients with, or without, their own gun who want to learn to shoot or tidy up old habits.  It’s an excellent way for people to learn for the first time as it means you can get the correct technique and routines without worry about the recoil or spending extra money on clays and cartridges when you’re not sure where you are missing.  The experienced gun can benefit from this system in so many ways as it allows me to concentrate on the client rather than the shot itself.  This means I can really help with gun hold position, mounting rhythms, balance and posture.  It’s of great benefit if you have purchased a new gun recently as it will give you confidence about where you are on the target.  It will also allow me to add your gun to the system and change the chokes & cartridges so I can help you select the correct set-up for your style of shooting for clay or game. For costs please click here.

3. The Practice

This option is available for clients with their own guns to come along and spend a period of time using the system.  During this session I will be present to load scenarios of your choice that are preloaded to the simulator. To view the prices please click here.

4. The Combo

If you feel like trying two of the activities that we offer at Aim this is a great product. Spending an equal amount of time experiencing two of our activities. This is a great idea for small groups that like to try new challenges.

My passion within shooting is to create a safe and enjoyable experience enabling people to improve quicker than if they just practiced alone.  That’s why this system is so good, to view prices click here.

I’m also available for instruction on the peg and loading.

To book or discuss the Shooting Simulator please get in contact via email or phone.