Aerial Archery

We are currently the only venue in Wales offering this exciting new sport and there are less than 20 in the country. Aerial archery is a form of moving target archery, combining the skills of archery and clay shooting. A 25cm foam disc is thrown up in the air or along the ground by a Laporte Phoenix trap. Once the target is on the move you are trying to hit it before it stops. The disc’s flight can be altered by adjusting the trap to suit the archer’s skill and expertise, allowing even novices the chance to hit a moving target. This sport is great fun and so addictive!

A collection from the Aerial archery Range!

One of the great things about Aerial Archery in comparison to Clay Pigeon Shooting, it’s impact on the environment. The traps are powered by a leisure battery, these are charged by wind and solar at our venue. The targets and the arrows are re-usable.

During your session we will cover all aspects of safety and how to use the equipment. You will be using modern Snake Bows and Flu Flu Arrows.

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