DryFire @ Aim

DryFire is an advanced shooting simulator with state of the art feedback. Ever thought of trying shooting but slightly nervous?  Been shooting for years and don’t fully know where you are missing?

DryFire has been used for over 20 years for everyone from beginners to olympic champions. A realistic shooting simulator, using a real shotgun, realistic scenarios are projected onto a 4.5m x 3m screen, indoors and backed up by science.

The system gives me the opportunity to teach people new to shooting, correct gun safety and technique, without the worry of recoil. For an experienced gun the system can be customised to your gun, chokes, cartridges and gives immediate, accurate feedback. This enables us to correct old habits with confidence.

Aim @ Westerton

Clay pigeon shooting at a custom designed teaching venue

Aim @ Westerton is a custom designed clay pigeon teaching venue, hidden within beautiful Welsh countryside and woods. It offers everything from targets that roll along the ground to ones that fly high over your head. The ground caters for beginners to international standard shooters, from individuals to groups of 4, this gives you plenty of time behind the gun without waiting too long. Safety is the first priority and after that I want everyone to have an enjoyable session learning a new skill or progressing an existing one. Focusing on good gun handling to enhance success. Perhaps sparking a new hobby or enhancing an existing skill?

How a session will run:

  • You’ll meet me at Aim’s main venue
  • Go through safety and gun fit
  • All equipment provided (Guns, Clays, Cartridges, Hearing & Eye Protection)
  • Transfer to Aim @ Westerton, which is 10mins away
  • Enjoy the scenery, have fun and hit some clays with expert guidance
  • Return to cars

During the session I will give every participant feedback and instruction to improve results.

To view prices please click here, or if you’d like something a little different please get in contact.

My passion within shooting is to create a safe and enjoyable experience enabling people to improve quicker than if they just practiced alone.

I’m also available for instruction on the peg and loading.

To book or discuss a shooting session, please get in contact via email or phone.