Axe Throwing

Ever felt like rolling back the years and trying something different! If so, then maybe Axe Throwing is the sport for you. It’s challenging, fun and when the axes thud into the target, very satisfying. There is even a World Axe Throwing League and people regularly compete at this addictive sport.

Each session will follow careful safety guidelines, with introductions to the different axes and instruction on the best throwing techniques. Getting a group together for some competitive fun is a great way to spend some time, with weather no problem as the venue is indoors! Suitable for most people of 10 years and above. *PLEASE note open-toed footwear is not allowed for this activity*

How the sessions run:

  • Safety Briefing
  • Throwing Introduction
    • For each style of Axe or Knife
  • Have a try
    • Moving round the different Axes and Knives
    • Finding the one you throw best!
  • Competition/Scoring (if you feel like it)