I’ve been loading, driving and instructing on the peg for over 8 years. During this time I’ve been at shoots in East & West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Shropshire and Wales.

I pride myself on professionalism, if it’s a shoot I’ve never been to before I will always research types of drive, woodland, open fields, near water, in valleys. The topography and height of the quarry.

If required I will pick up clients and drive them to and from the shoot. During the shoot I can either load, double gun and/or instruct. When wanted I can also instruct on the peg helping clients improve their ratio. I will never try to change something that is effective for my client. During a day in the field I can spend time with multiple guns from drive to drive.

Recently completed workshop, great information to maintain safety, quality and a successful day out in the field.

To discuss a package please get in contact by email or call me on: 07956141113.